World’s Largest Explosion!


We set up a bunch of TNT and worked our way up the the world's largest TNT blast! Also if the boys survive they get a prize every round because why not
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  • Juan Carlos Herradura
    Juan Carlos Herradura59 minutes ago

    lower hiding spots are the best

  • Yuvaan Paul
    Yuvaan PaulHour ago

    Poor Chris

  • Anonymous
    AnonymousHour ago


  • Bedriye Demirci
    Bedriye Demirci2 hours ago

    1.000.000 TNT

  • ZintsFN
    ZintsFN2 hours ago

    How did ur pc even survive that nuke 🤔?

  • Sudhamadhuri Devupalli
    Sudhamadhuri Devupalli3 hours ago

    In thumbnail, Mr.beast is like the new disaster girl 😂

  • Ekam Roblox
    Ekam Roblox3 hours ago

    The end made me feel bad for Karl

  • Tamara Polsen
    Tamara Polsen3 hours ago

    Hi I'm your biggest fan

  • Aragon GAMES
    Aragon GAMES3 hours ago

    What's the best way to celebrate a year for mrbeast gaming on youtube MrBeast: TNT WORLD RECORDS

  • Mr Robloxian
    Mr Robloxian3 hours ago

    This is sorry mr beast but a little bot borein

  • XxXMysteryManXxX
    XxXMysteryManXxX4 hours ago

    The pyramid of Chan Chan

  • Stephanie Rhodes
    Stephanie Rhodes4 hours ago

    Do this one again but with 2000 million 50,000 million 250 TNT good luck

  • Pro Arcy
    Pro Arcy4 hours ago

    Is it pyramid of chandler or pyramid of iluminati

  • Dries Machiels
    Dries Machiels4 hours ago

    Remind they build the maps themselves

  • SFS Gamer
    SFS Gamer5 hours ago

    ᵐᵃʸ ᴵ ᵍᵃᶦⁿ ¹ ˢᵘᵇ ᶠʳᵒᵐ ᵗʰᶦˢ

  • Huyen Le
    Huyen Le5 hours ago

    What is milk ducts

  • Emilio Antonio Aguilar Quiñones
    Emilio Antonio Aguilar Quiñones5 hours ago

    Karl rocks 😎

  • Emilio Antonio Aguilar Quiñones

    Emilio Antonio Aguilar Quiñones

    5 hours ago

    And Chandler 😎

  • Emilio Antonio Aguilar Quiñones

    Emilio Antonio Aguilar Quiñones

    5 hours ago

    And Jimmy 😎 *almost forgot the emoji

  • Emilio Antonio Aguilar Quiñones

    Emilio Antonio Aguilar Quiñones

    5 hours ago

    And Chris 😎

  • Super Sgaca
    Super Sgaca5 hours ago

    its the aseyest thing to MLG water bucket come to Australia melburne victoria 15 bavue street and try me out

  • Wayne Quigley II
    Wayne Quigley II5 hours ago

    I love milk duds

  • Super Sgaca
    Super Sgaca5 hours ago

    they spawnd right on top of me they spawnd beside me oh you almost survied no!lol

  • Gamer Om
    Gamer Om5 hours ago

    I like milk duds

  • Itz_Lyric


    5 hours ago


  • 秘ŪMMɆĐ
    秘ŪMMɆĐ5 hours ago


  • Nicholas Wilson
    Nicholas Wilson5 hours ago

    Imagine this in real life...

  • ELLZ 74
    ELLZ 745 hours ago

    how can 1m tnt can break bedrock? bedrock has 7m hp i think and it was destroyed

  • Vedant Kumar
    Vedant Kumar6 hours ago

    Father's be like finally we are also gonna get money

  • Evonous
    Evonous6 hours ago

    MrBeast: The worlds largest explosion! Beirut: Am I a joke to you?

    YØGRÄJ SÏÑH SØLĀÑKĪ6 hours ago

    good one

  • LuisD
    LuisD6 hours ago

    Cómo deseo que este canal esté en español 😔



  • Withered Stxr
    Withered Stxr6 hours ago

    Alternative title: A genius way to break your pc

  • Prins Kumar
    Prins Kumar7 hours ago

    Sir will you please reply my Instagram message please 🙏🙏🙏

  • TheWierdWeeb
    TheWierdWeeb7 hours ago

    Me: loving milk duds Mr Beast: your no one

  • Garrett England
    Garrett England7 hours ago

    Look at 3:54😂

  • NG CHEN YI Moe
    NG CHEN YI Moe7 hours ago

    wow 1000000000000

  • Garrett Miller
    Garrett Miller7 hours ago

    I love milk duds

  • Danilo Alvarado
    Danilo Alvarado7 hours ago

    Mrbeast did you hurt dream???

  • • Crystal •
    • Crystal •8 hours ago

    POV 1: You came to check the comments to look for a comment like this POV 2: You come here because it’s where you belonged POV 3: You came here to see if there are any Karl haters so you can defend him and yell at the hater (You can leave your anger on Karl haters on this comment, it’s fine with me :D)

  • Mini orange blake rabanal
    Mini orange blake rabanal8 hours ago

    Anything for the 100.000 Me.bwadt fridge.

  • Lovely Føx
    Lovely Føx8 hours ago

    𝕚 𝕞𝕖𝕢𝕟 𝕞𝕚𝕝𝕜 𝕕𝕦𝕕𝕤 𝕠𝕣 𝕠𝕜.. 𝕚 𝕝𝕚𝕜𝕖 𝕔𝕙𝕠𝕔𝕒𝕝𝕥𝕖 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕔𝕒𝕣𝕖𝕞𝕖𝕝 𝕤𝕠𝕠

  • Whitty 2
    Whitty 28 hours ago

    I died

  • Mr. Hurricane
    Mr. Hurricane8 hours ago

    nah i like milkduds

  • King Bunny
    King Bunny8 hours ago


    CREATIVE BEAST8 hours ago


  • Glen Rolton
    Glen Rolton9 hours ago

    Hi bye bruh +meme=breme

  • hi there
    hi there9 hours ago

    Me: seeing 1,00 dollars anywhere: my mom needs that! Me now: no seriously she needs it so we can move-

  • J L
    J L10 hours ago


  • Benicio Carrillo
    Benicio Carrillo10 hours ago


  • kelly hall
    kelly hall10 hours ago

    This is the best

  • Stephanie's Gaming
    Stephanie's Gaming10 hours ago

    My favorite person on your crew is Chandler

  • bro sponges
    bro sponges11 hours ago

    your mean

  • Margaret Reynolds
    Margaret Reynolds11 hours ago

    I love you Mr beast

  • Margaret Reynolds
    Margaret Reynolds11 hours ago

    O do

  • PN - 03GS 870172 Treeline PS
    PN - 03GS 870172 Treeline PS11 hours ago

    Do 100000000000000000000 tnt and Karl chandler and mr beast and Chris will surivive in A GIANT HOUSE

  • Ayala Meir
    Ayala Meir11 hours ago

    That one kid I know who loves milk duds

    OculusGD / BALLISTIC MODE ENABLED11 hours ago

    how many blocks of tnt is that

  • Muffin Rc’s
    Muffin Rc’s11 hours ago

    I love milk duds

    MICELIS11 hours ago

    Go to some ones café

  • Mark Klopfenstein
    Mark Klopfenstein11 hours ago

    I love milk duds how dare you!

  • QuickMafs 224
    QuickMafs 22411 hours ago


  • your granny tranny
    your granny tranny12 hours ago

    As a fan of cod I’m really interested in the nuke town one

  • Pixel Ch. ピクセルゴースト
    Pixel Ch. ピクセルゴースト12 hours ago

    2021: Karl losing an island to Chandler 2022: Karl losing a country to Chris 2023: Karl losing his job to a random discord member.

  • javier perez
    javier perez12 hours ago

    I like milk dus

  • IntR0V3RT Ethan
    IntR0V3RT Ethan12 hours ago

    Why isn't anyone talking about how they don't think milk duds they are good

  • Jaden Thomas
    Jaden Thomas13 hours ago

    i love xbox one

  • qtdan
    qtdan13 hours ago

    Chandler used to not win challenges but look at them now

  • ScrappedAgesAgo
    ScrappedAgesAgo13 hours ago

    Theory: Jimmy Likes Everybodys Mom

  • Mirage
    Mirage13 hours ago


  • lunarboss10
    lunarboss1013 hours ago

    Jimmy: no one likes milk duds That person whose favorite candy is milk duds: 😭😨

  • Logan Gleich
    Logan Gleich14 hours ago

    So funny

  • Joseph Pottanat
    Joseph Pottanat14 hours ago

    4:44 what if I didn’t have a dad hmmmmm ( I do)

  • Kate Toby
    Kate Toby14 hours ago


  • ii_ kingphyllis
    ii_ kingphyllis14 hours ago

    3:02 nice number of villagers on top right

  • Grantas Gaubas
    Grantas Gaubas14 hours ago

    2:42 STONE MONEY

    MARK RAMOS15 hours ago

    Why is karl’s fingernails painted

  • Amy Garcia
    Amy Garcia15 hours ago

    *Mr beast 2513 I just bought earth *No one *karl :/

  • Emir Guster
    Emir Guster16 hours ago

    i wish i had that xbox one ):

  • HCM productions
    HCM productions16 hours ago

    i dont think that chris uderstands the tnt spawns everywere

  • Jose' Orellamenjivar
    Jose' Orellamenjivar16 hours ago

    No oooh

  • Kristin Eyler
    Kristin Eyler16 hours ago

    I like Milk duds

  • angel eliza guarin
    angel eliza guarin16 hours ago

    Omy gosh did you guys see karls nails:D?

  • Jack Dare
    Jack Dare17 hours ago

    those explosions were so big it made MY computer lag :/

  • Chris Bayliss
    Chris Bayliss17 hours ago

    Accept air racks challenge

  • GabMacVlogs
    GabMacVlogs17 hours ago

    0:29 dollar is clear he is using green screen

  • Warren Leonel Cocson
    Warren Leonel Cocson17 hours ago

    I like milk duds

  • Cathy Flores
    Cathy Flores17 hours ago

    If mr beast gets 50mil subs im like akakakakaka

  • Kiefer's Day
    Kiefer's Day17 hours ago

    4:35 who keeps playing that part that Chris plays with the money

    SANTHOSH MANICKAM Moe18 hours ago


  • lee holland
    lee holland18 hours ago

    I Don't Like Mi

  • PortalTech
    PortalTech19 hours ago


  • cj8593
    cj859320 hours ago

    2:00 bruh am i the only one who likes milk duds??

  • phantom's AU's

    phantom's AU's

    11 hours ago

    I love milk duds

  • Chirayu V
    Chirayu V20 hours ago

    Its been 12 days since you realesed pls get a damm good video

  • az1234J playz
    az1234J playz20 hours ago

    Wait a Minute..... Karl's health bar shows that he has regeneration

  • Bob Esponja SpongeBob
    Bob Esponja SpongeBob21 hour ago

    Lol if there is Everyone loses

  • JoyBoy
    JoyBoy21 hour ago

    This would blow my house up AKA my computer from 2011 would blow up

  • JoyBoy
    JoyBoy21 hour ago

    Imagine if this was in real life

  • Fortnite Boy 1414
    Fortnite Boy 141422 hours ago

    I love MILK Duds

  • Danilo Sereno
    Danilo Sereno22 hours ago

    Why is this very short

  • Ultimate Stars Gaming
    Ultimate Stars Gaming22 hours ago

    how they sung the mr beast outro was hilarious 😂

  • Smoathy
    Smoathy23 hours ago

    Did anyone else heard MrBeast saying "look at this tnt Crainer"

  • Ayden Palms
    Ayden PalmsDay ago

    I have a xbox one to☺️