'You stabbed me,' boy tells father at double-murder trial

Jurors heard heartbreaking testimony Wednesday morning at Ronnie Oneal’s murder trial. His 11-year-old son answered questions about the day his mom and sister were killed.

The boy was just 8 years old when he said Oneal, his father, attacked him after murdering his mom and 9-year-old sister. He bravely faced his father today.

Investigators have said Oneal shot Kenyatta Baron and beat her with a shotgun, used a hatchet to stab his daughter repeatedly, then stabbed his young son before lighting the boy and their house on fire.

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  • Alexis Maria
    Alexis Maria27 minutes ago

    This poor baby boy 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Michael Weeks
    Michael WeeksHour ago

    If I was that boy I wouldn't ever forgive him.

  • Santa Ruiz
    Santa RuizHour ago

    How can they have a murderer like that they are not afraid that he kill someone there because he can take a gun from a policeman or grab someone and hang him idk My God what is happening in the world how can they let a child live this face to face with a killer like that🤦‍♀️I do not understand

  • Butterfly kisses12
    Butterfly kisses12Hour ago

    This whole thing is so horrific!! I could never be a judge hearing these types of crimes id be in tears

  • Sparky Marie
    Sparky Marie2 hours ago

    If there’s ever a scholarship fund to send this brave young man to college, I want to donate. He has seen things no adult should have to see, let alone a child, and he deserves the best life possible.

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith3 hours ago

    Ronnie did not stab his son it was the DEMONS inside him that acted out, its obvious here!

  • Claudia Ruiz
    Claudia Ruiz3 hours ago

    How sad. Truly sad. How are you doing my son? Good. Good to see you Good to see you too dad. Oh btw, I tried to end you….

  • Livingboldlynfierce
    Livingboldlynfierce4 hours ago

    He should have gotten the death penalty

    SKiPPY RADCLiFF5 hours ago

    True sadistic piece of shyt

  • Siad B.
    Siad B.5 hours ago

    I’m a grown man and I have never tear’d up before watching a video. That poor child! they need to depart this trash of a human immediately. He shouldn’t be getting any more oxygen in this world.

  • Ronald Green
    Ronald Green5 hours ago

    God won't let you escape this one right here because he knows all things

  • Brad Hampton
    Brad Hampton5 hours ago

    That kid has more steel in his little finger than that cowardly sperm donor has in his whole body.

  • Vanessa Williams
    Vanessa Williams6 hours ago


    Miranda YOUR SUPPORTER6 hours ago

    My God someone protect this wonderful child and may God ❤💕 and wash his hurt and pain away and I hope he gets much needed help and sending him soooo much support etc

  • Imaan Hussain
    Imaan Hussain6 hours ago

    For those who want to know, allah hukabar means "god is great". It is a peaceful word used in prayer for muslims. And ppl just like this evil man have twisted its peaceful meaning to become something of fear and terrorism. It makes me sad to see such a tragedy, i hope the little boy gets only love for the rest of his life.💕

  • Eddie Gallo
    Eddie Gallo6 hours ago

    So wrong why is he even questioning him at all sickening

  • Hadi N
    Hadi N6 hours ago

    That boy has such a kind soul he said "nice to see you too". 😭🙏🏼

  • Ski Da bossman
    Ski Da bossman7 hours ago

    This bro is definitely crazy need I say more 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • King Ephraim
    King Ephraim7 hours ago

    A person that represents themselves in a court hearing or case has a fool for a client!

  • King Ephraim
    King Ephraim7 hours ago

    A person that represents themselves in a court hearing has a fool for a client!

  • Lee Lashbrooks
    Lee Lashbrooks8 hours ago

    Families have to start handing out justice on there own because there is none anymore

  • CowCat Kind
    CowCat Kind9 hours ago

    I can't believe my eyes and ears... that demon is BOLD and disrespectful on so, many levels

  • Darnicia Erby
    Darnicia Erby9 hours ago

    OMG Someone PLEASE tell me the state this happened in has the Death Penalty ?! May God Bless this young boy with the help he needs to deal with this Tragedy & may he go on to live a HAPPY & BLESSED LIFE !!

  • A
    A9 hours ago

    I got chills when the kid said "my dad told me to say Allahu akbar" (it sounded like that) that's a thing muslims say (Im a Muslim), and a real Muslim would never EVER kill his wife or anyone!

  • paul jordan
    paul jordan10 hours ago

    Smh wow how sad an what a brave lil boy.

  • Little Lion
    Little Lion10 hours ago

    We got to start getting real, real tough on these evil people. Bring back tough prosecutors and judges.

    Mr NICE GUY10 hours ago

    He should have been sentenced to Captial punishment

  • G unit Undaboss
    G unit Undaboss10 hours ago


  • gameplay  mike
    gameplay mike10 hours ago

    I'm so glad that boy was save . I even seen a story saying a cop that was on the scene adopted him and welcome him into his family

  • kay jacobs
    kay jacobs11 hours ago

    oh the religion of peace ..

  • Brandon Veronesi
    Brandon Veronesi12 hours ago

    I pray for this young boy that The grace mercy and love of Our Lord Jesus Christ abound in His life.

  • Brenda Mitchell
    Brenda Mitchell12 hours ago

    Pure evil and wicked

  • Nation Treasure Joseph
    Nation Treasure Joseph13 hours ago

    Why are they letting this monster , talk or breath or even dressed well cooperate . Slice the. Monsters body Nd let him eat it and feel pain

  • TMAR
    TMAR13 hours ago

    Demons are as real as you and me , and this is a prime example that demonic possession is real , this man is not in he's right mind he is possessed , you can't play with spirits, he does not have some 'disorder', he has DEMONS!!!!, that have used him destroy he's own flesh and blood and he's own soul , I hope this man finds God before he dies, because when he stands before the creator no judge on this earth will judge him like the God almighty and he will be thrown into eternal torment, what you do in this life will affect where you go for eternity !!!!

  • Latonya Hughes
    Latonya Hughes14 hours ago

    Poor baby

  • T Jones
    T Jones14 hours ago

    He wanted to mentally & emotionally intimidate him, without being able to physically harm him. He wanted to subconsciously put fear in him, thinking maybe the boy would be scared of him.

  • Yolanda Avery
    Yolanda Avery14 hours ago

    Shame! I have no words

  • Nikita Chakraborty
    Nikita Chakraborty14 hours ago

    Do you say "good to see you too" to someone who killed your mom and sister and stabbed you ?

  • Markest Scott
    Markest Scott16 hours ago

    You have to put your emotions to the side on this one and give e me a fair trail and put him away for life I just don't understand how this wasn't a death penalty case if they don't let him cross examine every witness than its unconstitutional but from what I seen they had enough without having that lil dude testify the system will stay broken....

  • Trvvis Montana
    Trvvis Montana16 hours ago

    Kid will never trust anyone cause his own dad betrayed him

  • BigE B
    BigE B16 hours ago

    This is so scary and crazy to not know who a man really is you had kids with 🥺🙏 stay safe out here

  • OU812
    OU81217 hours ago

    I am sorry, what a Mfer!! What that father did to his family and then ? his son as though he is lying. Why would the court allow this?? My heart is so hurt for this family, what this child will remember about his own father. RIP beautiful ladies ❤️💜😇😇😇. Please God hold on to this child. Sending him peace and love, and so very sorry. Bless them and the family.

  • healing
    healing17 hours ago

    He have the nerve to say to is son good to see you sooo sad man

  • healing
    healing17 hours ago

    This is so sad

    JUICY’S PLANET19 hours ago

    This poor child OmG 😣 my heart breaks for him

  • Fiona Lomax
    Fiona Lomax20 hours ago

    I have no word's!!!!


    Bruh I'm bout to get locked up there n whoop ur ass

  • pink eskimo
    pink eskimoDay ago

    I cannot believe what i am watching!!

  • Tae Campus
    Tae CampusDay ago

    "I did. And how did I hurt you?" What kind of question was that? Was that to feed his insane ego?

  • Damien Edwards
    Damien EdwardsDay ago

    That father is a narcissist and was clearly getting off on his victim reliving his abuse

  • Jasmin Monzon
    Jasmin MonzonDay ago

    poor baby 🥺 as a mother it hurts me and you can hear his voice crack when he says “you stab me”….

  • Lorin Richardson
    Lorin RichardsonDay ago


  • Lorin Richardson
    Lorin RichardsonDay ago


  • Lorin Richardson
    Lorin RichardsonDay ago

    Folks r so damn Evil!! Folks following satan!!! LORD help Us!!

  • MysMiranda M.
    MysMiranda M.Day ago

    I can't believe they let sideshow bob run the stand like that

  • B G
    B GDay ago

    I’m sorry, buddy. You got dealt the worst hand a boy can get. I pray for your strength and for people around you to carry you with tons of love and support. You don’t deserve this. I’m sorry.

  • Marie Wallace
    Marie WallaceDay ago

    Wtf, that kid was scared of him. He said “good to see u” and the boy said “good to see u too” he's afraid

  • consumerDAILY
    consumerDAILYDay ago

    hes like a boondocks character

  • The Halls
    The HallsDay ago

    Put that that monster away

  • MP3
    MP3Day ago

    That courageous little boy sat there like a grown man and answered questions to this dirt bag poor excuse of a, I can’t say man, “dude” with a calm composure.

  • Konii
    KoniiDay ago

    Man. Kid's got more composure than a Navy SEAL. I hope he won't be traumatized for life.

  • Edwin b
    Edwin bDay ago

    Sounds like the father used The Religion of Islam to Justify his killing of his wife and daughter Using the word "allah akbar"

  • EJ Vymer
    EJ VymerDay ago

    Kids are soooo innocent!!! It tears me up inside that they are so innocent, because they trust and love the very monsters that are destroying them!!

  • Mark Spott
    Mark SpottDay ago

    I'm so glad that BLM! So glad! Let others witness the love and magic of black love!

  • The Mastema
    The MastemaDay ago

    I'll hope for this kid to be a man one day and not follow in that disgusting creature's footsteps...

  • Khakhayi Mtetwa
    Khakhayi MtetwaDay ago

    That man is sick, twisted in his brains, talk of pure evil 👿👿

    ITZ_ALJKDay ago

    *The fact that he used his son to say "ALLAHUAKBAR" while killing his family giving evidence that a Muslim killed them is a hundred good reason to put him three lifes in hell. RACIST*

  • Tanq _Mchunu
    Tanq _MchunuDay ago

    💔💔💔💔💔💔 the most painful thing eva

  • Amanda Hayward
    Amanda HaywardDay ago

    This poor boy will get PTSD from this. Pure evil.

  • Gsusizluv
    GsusizluvDay ago

    This is so awful!! Unfortunately, I speculate there has been all sorts of abuse in that home culminating to this incident that sadly took his mother and sister. Abuse is real. No one can predict how far abuse can go so don’t stick around to find out, find a way out fast!!! . May God forever be with this young boy. I pray that he has caring family members and friends that will forever be there for him as he heals through this tragic event.

  • XwavyX
    XwavyXDay ago

    Don’t drink

  • Hakeem Otenigbagbe
    Hakeem OtenigbagbeDay ago

    Damn, phuck this guy, I hope they take care of him in prison.

  • horsegirl07
    horsegirl07Day ago

    Ronnie is the bravest boy I have ever seen!! He is amazing. Thank you Ronnie for being so brave to speak in the way you did.

  • arbitrary_library
    arbitrary_libraryDay ago

    Why did the lawyers let the boy testify

  • Devon White

    Devon White

    Day ago

    Probably for the best bet to get the maximum sentence. He also probably agreed to it

  • John John
    John JohnDay ago

    He was having a 'peaceful' family dispute.

  • Sophia Beauplan
    Sophia BeauplanDay ago

    He shouldn’t even be called a father!!!!! He utterly failed at that job.

  • Tee Moore
    Tee MooreDay ago

    The courts need to be protested against. This was some bull. Like wtf?!?!?!?!

  • Tina Brown
    Tina BrownDay ago

    He has a demon

  • Shan Bruton
    Shan BrutonDay ago

    Why does good men become incel but guys like him get to have children

  • Paul Scott
    Paul ScottDay ago

    Did I hurt son ,son yes you did you stabbed me

  • Christi from Indy
    Christi from IndyDay ago

    So glad this man was convicted. That's a brave little boy!! Nothing like his father.

  • Sloppy Jalopys
    Sloppy JalopysDay ago

    I wouldnt represent myself over a parking ticket and this dude on trial for murdering his family

  • lee hines
    lee hinesDay ago

    Poor baby they should’ve never let him testify 😞

  • Yvonne Burns
    Yvonne BurnsDay ago

    Yes i agree the boy is in pain but at least he got justice for his mother and sister, by facing that monster who doesn't deserve the honour of being "Dad", my worry is though that he will be wanting to maintain contacting his son, unless the court decrees it's not in the child's interest.

  • Alacernovum
    AlacernovumDay ago

    This practice of cross examination by the accused without representation should end immediately.

  • Tanyshia Thomas
    Tanyshia ThomasDay ago

    What a creep to put his son thru that testimony. How traumatizing

  • Jelena10
    Jelena10Day ago

    Good to see you???

  • Holly William
    Holly WilliamDay ago

    The father questioning the son had to be traumatizing for the kid..that should be illegal

  • Peet
    PeetDay ago

    Allahu akbar huh ?